Friday, July 21, 2006


OK, you asked for them so here they are! 

1. Daddy and Meghan napping together

2. This was taken a week and a half ago, you can see how big she is compared to my hand.

3. Her eyes are going to be blue like her brother's, I'm sure of it.

4. She's getting chubby!

5. sleeping on momma's shoulder

6.  while we were taking pics of her, Brendan decided he wanted to be in the photo.  What a ham!

7. tummy time, she's not too fond of it but it's good for her neck muscles.  :-)

8. Brendan loves to cuddle with her and hold her

9. I don't think she likes it as much :-)


kmb10387 said...

She's getting so big!  What a beautiful baby. Thanks for sharing.  

backpacker2683 said...

She's beautiful Jen!  I can't believe how big she's getting!  Brendan is adorable too!  What a beautiful family.  

swaters057 said...

She is so sweet Jen! And isn't Brendan the proud big brother?! Thanks for sharing! Sue