Wednesday, August 30, 2006

pics from first day of school/last entry

Today was a big day!  Meghan turned 4 months old and Brendan started preschool!  Time is flying by.  Brendan did GREAT!  Last year he only lasted 3 days and cried pretty much the whole time.  Today the only time he cried was when I told him it was time to go home!  Yayyyyy!  ::::::::::fingers crossed:::::::::::::  that he continues to do so well!  The teacher is a friend of my mom's too, I had no idea until I got there and saw her.  We only got first names in his preschool packet. 

Meghan has her checkup tomorrow.  I hope the doc isn't annoyed that I started cereal without checking with him, but I doubt he will be anyway.  He's really good about letting parents trust their gut, and he's really laid back.  He's been a doc longer than I've been alive I think. 

This is also going to be my last post on this blog :-(  Don't worry, you can still get your fix of Meghan updates, I started a Myspace page LOL.  Its at and you can see updated photos and read my blog there if you want.  I just didn't see the point to keeping up 2 blogs.  This one was originally started to keep everyone posted on Meghan's progress in NICU and she's been home for as long as her NICU stay :-) 

Anyway, here's the captions for the photos:

1. First time using her boppy pillow, she didn't quite know what to think.

2. "Cheese!" first day of school

3.  Mommy and Brendan

4. my little 4 month old!

5. She's starting to warm up to him.  He still loves her to pieces LOL.


Thanks for reading my blog, hope to see you on my other one!  If you're on myspace, feel free to add me to your friends list!  If you aren't on myspace, feel free to email me if you ever want to check on Meghan (or Brendan for that matter LOL) I will never pass up an opportunity to talk about my kiddos :-D  Hugs to all, and thank you for reading and for your prayers!

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nielegirl said...

Awww!  I'm gonna miss this blog, but thanks for telling us where to "find" you.  LOL

I can't believe Brendan is in school!  I remember when you told us you were pregnant with him...WOW!  Time sure flew by!

Best wishes for a good school year for Brendan!