Thursday, August 17, 2006

its been a while, more pics

OK, time to catch you all up :-)  Meghan started smiling a week and a half ago, the first 2 pics are of that.  The shirt says "my mom's tattoos are better than your moms" it was a hand me down from a friend and I love it!  Scott hates it but oh well LOL.  I thought she was having reflux problems and even scheduled an apt for her on Monday with her ped (even though she has to go back in 2 weeks for her 4 month check up) but it turns out DUH she's TEETHING!!!  I am sooooo not ready for this!  We were in Houston the last couple days and she cried almost all the way home tonight, which is so unlike her b/c she normally only cries when she's hungry.  The past week she's been crying while she eats sometimes so that's part of the reason I thought it was reflux.  Well when she couldn't be soothed on the way home and was chewing on her binky, which she only started taking the last few days, I felt her gums and sure enough there's a tooth trying to come thru.  We stopped for some orajel and she stopped crying right away and fell asleep.  Poor thing!  I think she's also ready for cereal, I'll check with her doc at her checkup but in the evenings she just eats and eats and eats!  Its like the formula can't fill her up. 

OK, the rest of the pics:

3. Sleeping in her swing, she's still so small!

4. ready for pool time at the hotel in Houston.  She was such a happy baby!  The swimsuit is still a little big, but oh well.

5.  her sun bonnett.  Too cute!

6. me and the kids ready for the pool, notice Brendan and I have matching Crocs on :-)  He's so proud of them, he says "croc-a-dile shoes like mama!"

7. love this face, I think he was roaring like a bear at the time LOL

8. he was so proud of himself b/c he was "fwimmin' " :-)

9. I love this photo.  Meghan loved the pool.  :-)


swaters057 said...

She has gotten so big Jen! And Brendan is getting big too! Thanks for the update! Sue

nielegirl said...

She's adorable Jen!  I know I've already seen her smiling pictures, but they still just melt my heart!  =) Can't believe she's growing teeth already.  Wow!

Love Brendan's green Crocs.  He's getting so big too!