Thursday, August 3, 2006

so lucky

As I read more and more about preemies, I realize even more just how lucky we are.  I joined a couple preemie boards, and a lot of the babies there, even ones born later than Meghan, are having all kinds of problems like seizures and needing surgeries, and have spent 6 mos in NICU, had respirators for months, are on all kinds of meds, etc.  Meghan is as healthy as a normal baby.  Other than needing a vitamin supplement once a day, she's not on any meds or needing any kind of special care.  It is truly miraculous.  She is certainly a wonderful blessing from God.  I am thankful everyday that she is as healthy as she is.  She's a bit developmentally delayed according to her chronological age, but if they go by her adjusted age (due date) she's doing OK.  She's getting closer and closer to smiling and is holding her head up really well when we hold her.  She still won't do it when we lay her on her tummy, but that will come in time.  Several times this week I have gotten choked up holding her because I realize just how incredibly blessed we are. 

A man at church (I don't know him but my parents do) and his wife were expecting a baby.  She was early in the 3rd trimester, like I was with Meghan, and went into labor like I did.  They lost the baby, and then his wife died suddenly of an embelisim (sp?) a few hours later.  He went from being married with a baby on the way to having nothing in just a few hours.  My heart just breaks for him.  A friend of my parents who was with us thru all the stuff with Meg in the hospital also went up to help this man thru the day, and he came back and my parents asked how he was doing, knowing that even being in an envrionment like that can be difficult emotionally, even if it isn't your family.  He told my parents that the reason he was doing OK was because he had witnessed the miracle of Meghan and knew that even though this man had this tragedy happen, there were still miracles in the world and we are living proof of that.  WOW.  When mom told me that I was speechless!  Please say some prayers for the man who lost his wife and child, I can't even begin to imagine his grief.

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nicurnmama said...

definitely count your blessings. she is beautiful!
my little man was in the nicu for 132 days and he did need a ventilator for 10 weeks, oxygen for 5 months and he had a total of 9 surgeries. still we are so very lucky as well and not a day goes by where i don't appreciate it because this is what i do for a living too.
take care and enjoy your sweet angel girl!