Friday, June 9, 2006

big bummer

I went up today and got to talk to the nurse practitioner.  I asked her if what the doc said was true, if Meghan would be coming home tomorrow, and she was like "Oh, sometimes the doc gets overexcited."  She said that first of all, the tube was still in so that's a definate no, plus Meghan had a heartrate drop apparently on like the 7th or 8th (she said yesterday,w hich was the 8th, but she said it was the 7th so I'm not sure which day).  So, Meghan has another week from then.  Damn it.  She has one like every 6 days, and they start the count over. 

The NP said she would also be moving from fortified breastmilk (they put powdered formula in it) to 6 feedings per day of breastmilk and 2 per day of formula before she comes home, and that we will be continuing that when she comes home for a little while.  She is still gaining weight, but she's slowing down and is only gaining about half an ounce a day, she's up to 5 lbs 2.8 oz as of last night.  She's taking most of her feedings, sometimes they have to put the last 10 cc's in the feeding tube but most of the time she takes the whole thing.

::::::::::::::sigh::::::::::::  it has been 41 very very very long days.

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swaters057 said...

I think it's good that they don't send her home too early Jen. And in your heart, you know it's best for her. You would never forgive yourself if they released her too early and she suffered a setback. God will send her home when she's ready. Not a minute sooner!! Keep you chin up. You need to stay strong for her. Prayers continue for her gaining weight and coming home soon. {{{Meghan and Jen}}}