Friday, June 2, 2006

post partum depression, meghan update

I just called her nurse, so I have an up to the minute report.  She's doing great, taking more and more feedings.  She took her 9 am, noon (I gave it to her) and 3 pm bottles, I'm assuming the whole thing b/c the nurse didn't mention how many cc's, and then she rested for her 6 pm and took her 9 pm in a bottle.  She's 4 lbs 11.9 oz as of last night, up to 46 cc's each feeding and doing great.  She's on day 5 of no heartrate drops, and has to go 7 days efore being allowed home.  Also has to take her bottles for 48 hours straight, no gavage feeding. 

they moved her to the "big kid's bay" as I like to call it, she's in the bay with all the babies that are ready to go home.  Not sure if I like that or not, because as I was there today 3 babies went home, one was going home this afternoon, and one was told she could take her baby home tuesday.  I WANT TO TAKE MY BABY HOME!  LOL.  I was very jealous, but I know it will happen soon.  My patience is wearing thin though.  I am encouraged by how many bottles she's taking though, she's improving constantly!

she also got a shot while I was there, her last iron shot.  the nurse asked me if I wanted to leave, but I said it was OK, I can handle it.  I wanted to be there to comfort her afterward, but she didn't need comforting.  She only cried for like 15 seconds.  By the time the nurse had disposed of the syringe and put a bandaid on her, she was fine!  even the nurse asked her "Is that all??"  LOL.  She's a very easy baby!  After that I got to feed her and hold her for quite a while, more quality time with her than I've been able to get in a while.  I think I held her for almost 2 hours today, it was so nice.  then I got to spend some quality time with Brendan this afternoon, he has a new game where he comes up to me and says "HI!" and I say HI back, and he cracks up and does it again.  LOL.  no idea why he thinks it is funny, but that's OK.

I went to my doc today to talk about postpartum depression before I visited Meghan.  He and I talked a lot about my symptoms, a lot of crying jags and mood swings and anger etc, and he asked if the stress in my life was causing it or if it the reactions were excessive compared to the stress.  I told him that I'm sure the stress is a factor, but that I normally am better than this at handling stress, and since I had a touchof ppd  with my son my doc put me on prozac.  He said there is some research that some antidepressants can have a negative effect on neurological development in nursing babies, causing them to be slightly developmentally delayed, but that prozac seems to have one of the least effects of the different antidepressants used.  he also said that most pediatricians agree that of 3 options, a medicated mom nursing, a medicated mom not nursing, and a non medicated mom nursing, that they prefer a medicated mom nursing.  he said the benefits of nursing outweigh the risks with this med, and that having me medicated and feeling better is better for her.  he said "If momma ain't happy, no one's happy!"  LOL.  I like my doc, he's very down to earth.  He wants me to come back in 3 weeks, and Meghan should be home by then, God willing, so I'll get to show her off.  :-)

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c9114eone said...

Thank you Jen for keeping us up to date on Meghan's progress. I work in an OB/Gyn's office and one of my patient's who I have worked really close with had her baby around April 6th at 28 wks  because her water broke. He just left the hospital on Memorial Day and is is doing great. Little miss Meghan will be home before you know it. Keep up the great work helping her get bigger and stronger.

Christy (c9114eone on AOL Scrapbook board)