Wednesday, June 7, 2006

getting moved

Just got a call, they are moving her to the other hospital.  I guess that means she still has several more days, :-(  but at least she will be a lot closer.  It is a much smaller unit too, only 8 beds so basically the size of one bay at the other hospital, where there were 6 bays.  They are a level 2 nursery, not a NICU, so they don't care for the really sick babies or babies on ventilators etc.  They do care for babies like Meghan, or ones that need nasal cannulas or feeding tubes, but nothing major.  I guess this is a good thing, it means she's graduating, but instead of graduating home she has to go to another nursery.  One more step.

Their hours are pretty much the same, closed from 6-8 am and pm and from 2:30-3:30 pm, sometimes from 10-11 at night too.  Visitor rules are the same, and they still do scrub in and everything.  The parking is free, and it is only 15-20 minutes from our house.  Its a good thing. 


c9114eone said...

Congrads Meghan on your first graduation. Keep up the good work on growing strong and get home soon to your mammy, daddy & big bro..

rosesnwire said...

just wanted to wish you good luck! I know it been a hard long road for you guys! My little guy has been home 2.5 months after spending 117 days in NICU.