Saturday, June 10, 2006

Fri night/ Sat morning

Last night I went up for her 9 pm feeding with my parents.  She took the whole thing for me, then proceeded to fill her drawers.  STINKY baby!  LOL.  They also weighed her, she gained over 2 oz and was now 5 lbs 5.2 oz, which is great since the couple days before she hadn't gained very much.  This morning I went up for her noon feeding and she took it all again for me.  The nurse (a Chinese lady who I like a lot, I hope she gets her as a nurse often.  She's had her 2 times so far) said that she had to tube feed 15 cc's from the 9 am feeding b/c Meghan wasn't cooperating, but that all the feedings between last night and then she took the whole things.  So, she's doing good.  :-)  Oh, she didn't have any real big desaturations for me, just minor ones, and no heartrate drops while eating. 

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