Tuesday, June 6, 2006

no feeding tube, but still waiting

She had a great nurse today.  Debbie Rae, a woman as southern as her name.  She said "I took that tube out, she's doin' too well on her feeds to need that thang.  I don't know why they put it back in anyhow, the protocol says not to unless they're losin' weight which she ain't doin'.  We're supposed ta just undress em or whatever we need to do to keep 'em awake to eat.  So I'm just gonna make sure she stays awake ta eat today."  Great nurse :-)  She did great on her feedings today too.  I went up at noon and met with a lactation consultant to discuss how to move her from bottle to breast. She said to nurse her first, and then if she still acts hungry to give her a bottle, and to feed her as often as she wants.  If she wants to eat every hour or two, let her.  And just make sure she's having plenty of wet and dirty diapers, that is a good indicator of if she's getting enough milk.  So I nursed her at noon, she latched great one one side but not on the other, then she was acting hungry still so i gave her a bottle and she took 20 cc's. 

I was really geeked, and thought she was coming home maybe in a couple days.  Well, I called tonight to check on her and asked the nurse when she thought meghan would be coming home and she said that meghan had a heartrate drop on the3rd, so it will be at least 7 days after that.  My heart sunk.  I didn't know that she had one then.  the nurse had mentioned it but said that since it was right after a feed she didn't think it would count against her (drops during feeds don't count against them) but apparently it did.  I am so bummed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm trying not to be imptient, and my little brother even said "it's better for her to be in the hospital now, you wouldn't want to bring her home and have her get sick, would you?" but I'm still really upset.  This has been the longest 5 1/2 weeks of my life. 

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