Wednesday, June 7, 2006

good news either way

Today while I was visiting Meghan, a nurse came over to talk to the mom next to me about moving her baby to the other branch, which is about halfway between my house and the hospital.  She said it's NICU is great for babies who are close to going home but are still small or needing help learning to eat etc.  She explained that they move the babies when the NICU she is in now is getting full, which it is at the moment.  They move them in a specially equiped ambulance, with the NICU nurses.  When she was done, I said to her "if you're looking for babies to move, feel free to move mine.  It's a LOT closer to my house."  so she said "Thanks!  I'll talk to her doctor."  I spoke with him before I left and he said that he would look over her chart.  If it looks like she only has a few more days he said it wouldn't be worth moving her, but if it looked like it was going to be close to a week or so, he sait it might work better to move her.  So, either way it's good news.  If he says no, then that means she will be home soon.  If he says yes, at least she will be a lot closer plus they have free parking so I won't have to pay every time I visit her.  Maybe their hours will be better too and I'll be able to spend more time with her.

She only took about half her feeding for me at noon, but the one at 9 am she apparently sucked the whole thing down in 10 minutes, so it all just depends on her.  She got a couple big mouthfulls while I was feeding her and choked on it a bit, which made her sats drop.  I think that wore her out and that's why she didn't take more.  The first 15 cc's she gulped down pretty quickly, she was hungry. 

She's smiling a lot more, I don't know if it is still involentary or not.  Brendan smiled for real the first time at 5 weeks.  She's 5.5 weeks old now, and I know preemies are slow at developmental steps but I don't know if they are always slow on everything or not.  For now I'm going to pretend that she was smiling at her momma.  :-)

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celticdreameretn said...

Jennifer your right - that is good news either way!! I'm surprised that you have to pay parking when you go and visit. That just doesn't seem right. You would think they would validate your parking pass since you have a family member in the hospital. Sshheshh! I'll continue to keep my thougths positive for all of you (((HUGS)))