Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday update

OK, lets see, what's new?  She's still at 50-55 cc's, although today she's been real sleepy and hasn't been taking it all, one feeding she only did 40.  They still did not put the tube back in though, they decided to wait and see how she does overnight.  I'm praying they don't have to put that nasty tube back in.  She had that heartrate drop on the 8th or 9th, and she had one on the 10th during a feeding which they normally don't count but I guess they had to stimulate her a little so they may or may not count it.  So, if she doesn't have any more she may be coming home end of this week, beginning of the next.  If she does have another drop, they will probably do a test on her where they place a tube down into her chest thru her nose for 24 hours and it records all kinds of different things to determine what is causing the drops, most likely it is just immaturity but they want to make sure it isn't reflux or something else.  So right now it is a waiting game.  She's still gaining, a little under an ounce last night and she hasn't been weighed tonight yet.  Her nurse today, Ed, said "by the way your daughter has a very special talent." and I thought for a moment and said "she's stinky?" and he laughed so hard and said "YES!!!  That child can curl your nose hairs!!"  LOL.  She is a gassy baby.  Makes her 15 year old uncle proud.  :-D  It doesn't bother her at all, she just grunts and lets it go.  Stinks up her whole corner of the unit though!

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