Wednesday, June 14, 2006

she smiled at me!

OK, now I am sure her smiles are real.  Not just gas, although she has plenty of that.  Today I picked her up and was talking to her, and she opened her eyes and looked right at me then grinned.  I was so happy!!!  She loves her momma!

She is still without the feeding tube.  She had 2 feedings yesterday that she didn't meet her goal of 50 cc's, she only took 40 those two times, but she still gained over an ounce so they are still happy.  Plan is still if she doesn't have any more heartrate drops she will come home on the 17th or 18th, around there.  If she does have more, they will do that study with the tube in her chest.  I'm saying major prayers that they don't have to do that. 

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lfhelgason said...

Dear Jen,

Although we don't "know" each other well from the message board, I just want you to know that I often think of your little Meghan and pray that she thrives and starts to gain weigth.  The tests are so difficult for everyone. I hope the doctors decide to try medication for acid reflux for a couple days just to see if there is an improvement in her eating, instead of putting you and Meghan through the tests.  

It is good to hear that she is still gaining weight.  I don't fully understand the heart rate dropping but I hope with her weigth gain, her heart rate becomes stable.

Laurie H