Friday, June 30, 2006

first week home

For anyone who is still reading this blog, thought I would add an update.  She's still doing great, she's around 7 lbs now, she has gotten lots of shots this week though.  She got 2 Monday at the pediatrician's office (vaccinations) and she has gotten 3 epogen shots, one on M, W and today (F).  Poor thing!  She still has a little bump where she got her vaccinations, but it doesn't seem tender or anything, I'm going to try a warm compress to get rid of it though.  She also had a bit of a fever from the shots, but the doc reccomended tylenol and that worked.

We still wake her up every 3 hours for feeding, but about once a day she decides it is feeding time.  Usually at night, she gets really hungry.  She's been taking on average about 50 cc's during the day, but then for one feeding at night she will take about 90 cc's over the course of a couple hours, then she won't take her next feeding.  It works though b/c the feeding she won't take is the 3 am one LOL.  So we get to sleep a bit more.

I've stopped pumping.  It was a hard decision to make, but I couldn't keep up pumping while taking care of her and Brendan, and she will probably never be a good nurser.  She's VERY picky about her bottles, we had to try 4 different nipples before we found one she would take besides the hospital one.  Of course it is the cheap target brand one, she won't take the expensive playtex vent air ones we got LOL. 

My mom wants to take her to church on Sunday morning.  I told her I didn't want to go b/c she goes to the early Mass (8:30, they leave at about 10 to 8, yawn!) so she said "that's fine, I can take her."  I might let her b/c then I will get to sleep in, but I made her promise not to let a ton of people hold or breathe on Meghan.  I'm still a little nervous, but I trust Mom completely, she's my guru when it comes to taking care of kids, she knows everything.  I took Meghan to her office the other day to show her off to Mom's coworkers, they loved her.  Everyone kept saying how small she is, but to me she's huge LOL.

Brendan is still great with her although he did try to get her to play catch today, luckily he doesn't have good aim @@.  We had to have a little talk about how Meghan is too small to play ball LOL.  He does let me know when I'm not giving him enough attention, today I was trying to get her bottle ready and he came up and said "I hungry Momma.  It's my Nanan's turn!"  so of course I got him a snack before I fed her LOL.  and yes, he does know his name is Brendan and will even say it correctly sometimes, but most of the time he says his name is Nanan.  LOL.  He also knows how to restart her swing, and everytime the music stops he runs over and pushes the button. :-) 

I think that's all, I'm going to go to bed now before I have to get up and feed her in a couple hours.  Hugs!


swaters057 said...

I'm still checking Jen! Glad to hear you are getting into a routine. Sounds like everything is falling into place and you are getting a schedule down. Hugs and prayers to you and your family. Sue

inertiafactor said...

My daughter too was preemie and weighed 2 pounds 11 ounces at birth.  We had some of the same experiences that y'all have had.  Morgan is now 15 months old and doing great.  You can see her on my blog  I hope she continues to do well.  Good luck!