Friday, June 23, 2006

here's the photos

OK, here's the photos.  Enjoy!

1. Coming home outfit, including the blanket I knitted for her.

2. all dressed in her coming home outfit.  I love those socks, aren't they cute?  A little big though.

3.  close up of my sweet baby girl

4. Yes, my eyes are red b/c I was crying LOL

5. kiss from momma

6. Momma and Meghan

7. Daddy with Meghan.  isn't she tiny in her carseat?? LOL

8. Brendan meeting Meghan

9.  ::::;sniff, sniff::::::  isn't this the cutest thing in the world?????

10.  Our family!!!

11.  Brendan holding Meghan (My MIL is helping)

12.  Daddy with his kiddos.  He was holding Meghan and Brendan said he wanted a hug too.  :-)

13.  her first bath at home.  She didn't fuss at all!

14.  She's yawning and Brendan was like "what's she doing?" LOL

15.  Storytime.  Don't mind the wallpaper boarder, we haven't had a chance to finish stripping it and put the new border up yet :-)

Details of her first day home are in the previous post.  Hugs!

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bsktcats said...

Your pictures are the best! I am so happy for you FOUR!  I had tears in my eyes reading your story and looking at your pictures!  

Lots of Hugs! Linda in AZ