Thursday, June 8, 2006

move went well, feeding tube back

Her move went great, the only time she fussed was when she got there b/c she was hungry (her feeding time was while they were moving her, so they had to postpone it 45 min.).  I like the new place, it's much smaller although a bit cramped, but it is sooooo much closer.  we timed it last night, it takes about 15 minutes to get home from there.  There's only 6 babies there, so she gets lots of attention.  :-) 

Only one unpleasant surprise, her feeding tube was back in last night.  She only took half her noon feeding and I guess did the same thing at the next one so they had to reinsert it.  Unlike at home, they have her on a 3 hour schedule so if she doesn't finish they can't exactly just re-try in an hour.  However, now that the tube is back in she's taking her feedings well again.  @@.  Brat.  LOL.  We fed her the 9 pm feeding last night and her noon feeding today and she took both full ones.  I may go back up for her 9 pm I don't know.  We'll see how things go tonight.  I do like having her so close though!

Apparent;y the pedi mentioned to the nurse today that she may go home on the 10th.  I don't know how that's possible since she still has the tube in and that's only 2 days away, but we'll see!

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celticdreameretn said...

Jenn, maybe the move just got her out of wack and thats why she wasn't eating and they tubed her? Once she gets used to her new surroundings maybe she'll go back to her bottles and nipple... I'm so happy that she's closer to you now. That must be such a relief to all of you!!