Sunday, June 4, 2006

small disapointment

Yesterday I took my mom out for her very belated Mother's Day afternoon.  Meghan's Godmother, Debra, joined us and the 3 of us got pedicures, visited meghan and went to see a chick flick.   When we visited Meghan I got a pleasant surprise, they had removed her feeding tube!  The nurse said she had been taking all of her feedings over hte last day and a half except one, so they removed it.  this was at 3:30.  However, she said she had a little trouble with her noon feeding but not her 3 pm feeding so they were going to keep an eye on her.

Then last night I called and she said that they had put her tube back in for her 6 pm feeding b/c she only bottle fed half of it, and then of course Meghan pulled it out again.  the nurse said she was going to keep it out and see if she could bottle feed the rest of the feedings.  well, we got there today and the tube was back in.  I'm really disapointed, I was really hoping that she could bottle feed the rest of them.  The nurse today said that usually when the baby feeds for 24 hours they take the tube out, then after another 24 horus if everything else is good they send them home.  She also said that they won't give us much notice, just lilke a day or two.  So, we have her carseat, which we are bringing up to the hospital tomorrow for her carseat study (they make sure that she doesn't have any apnea or heartrate drops in her carseat, basically they sit her in it for an hour with her monitors on), I have an appointment with a lactation consultant to discuss the best way to move her from mainly bottle feeding to mainly breastfeeding on tuesday, and we have a note on her chart to talk to the doc and set up an appointment for rooming in.  We are ready.  We want her home.  One more step and she will be ready.  All she needs to do is eat all her feedings from a bottle.  Come on Meghan, you can do it!!!!!

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