Thursday, May 4, 2006


We have gotten many emails asking us how Brendan is coping.  Thanks so much for asking!  He is doing well, much better since Mommy is home.  Scott said Brendan was a bit of a handful while I was gone because his little world was sort of upside down, but now that I'm home things are all good again.  He was much better behaved today than he has been, and he was thrilled to see that I was still here this morning.  When he woke up he came in our room and saw me and said "Momma!  You're there!" and he cuddled with me and said "I love you!" several times.  I felt very loved :-) 

He is not allowed to visit Meghan, they don't allow anyone under 14 to visit.  Even if  they did, I wouldn't bring him in because he would terrorize the whole NICU.  He is too noisy and likes buttons too much, I could see him setting off all sorts of alarms.  He has photos of her though, and he knew that there was a baby in my tummy that was named Meghan and that she isn't in my tummy anymore, and we told him she's at the hospital because she is sick and the doctor needs to make her all better.  Not sure how much he understands or not, but he's a pretty smart little kid so I'm sure he gets some of it. 

He is a very sweet little boy, and I think he will be a GREAT big brother, as long as we can keep him from trying to play too rough with her :-D

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