Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday morning (31 weeks)

Talked to her doc this morning.  She gained 11 grams last night, that's good.  Any gain is good.  They are going up on her feedings and the doc said they may consider adding more additives to her milk for calories so she gains a little more than that, but they're going to wait and see how she does on the increased feedings first. 

She had a couple short breathing problems last night, nothing too bad, but the nurse noticed her nose was congested and cleaned it out.  That helped a lot, no more breathing problems, but they are worried it might be a sign of infection.  The doc said that for now, other than that, she looks perfect so they are going to wait and see.  If it happens again they will test her for infection in hopes of catching it early, but she said it could just be a one time thing.  No idea. 

they will start trying to nipple feed her (via bottle) in about a week, once she's 32 weeks.  The doc said some babies "get it" right away, other take a few weeks to get the hang of suck-swallow-breathe.  So we'll just have to wait and see.

I got to hold her for a long time yesterday, they said that we had to kangaroo hold her if we were going to hold her b/c they didn't want her just bundled for that long (they stay warmer skin to skin).  Scott wasn't wearing a button down so he told me to hold her that time and he'd hold her today.  She had a few desaturations while I was holding her, and we figured it out with the help of the nurse--Meghan does not like to be rocked.  Once I stopped rocking she stopped having problems!  They had moved her to a different bay, and in the other bay the rocking chair creaked horribly so I never rocked her.  Yesterday I was in a regular rocking chair and apparently the rocking is too much stimulation for her.  The nurse suggested that so we tried not rocking and it worked.  Kinda funny :-) 

Not sure when we will get up there today, Brendan is still asleep (and I think it is like 10 am or so, but he woke up at 11 and didn't get back to sleep until midnight, so he's sleeping in) and Scott has to do some work, then we have to drop Brendan off at Scott's folks house.  My bro is coming over tonight though to sit here after we put Brendan to bed so we can spend a couple hours at NICU. 

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