Monday, May 15, 2006

first try at nursing

Well, not quite nursing but non-nutritive feeding.  I pumped first, and she had just been fed, then they let her attempt it and see how she does.  She did much better than I thought!  She sucked for a few seconds about every 30 seconds.  I think she got a little milk one time and she coughed a little, her sats dropped a bit and I had to sit her up for a few seconds, but that's normal.  Thats why they have me pump first.  She did pretty good though, and it is good practice for next week when she gets to try nursing for real.  They want me to try to do this 2 times a day, so I'm going up there again tonight.  Getting up there that much might be a bit of a problem, but we will do our best.  Same with when I start nursing.  We may stay at his company's loft downtown more often once we start nursing, we'll see.  She also gained an ounce yesterday!  She's doing so well!!!

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