Thursday, May 11, 2006

still "perfect" :-)

Talked to her nurse this morning, and she said "She's perfect" :-D  She had no breathing problems or anything last night, no need to put the IV fluids back in, still holding her feedings well (she spit up a little bit this morning but nothing to worry about) and she gained 3 grams.  Not a lot, but much better than loosing.  They moved her to a different bay, for staffing reasons.  Glad they told me, I would have wondered where my baby went LOL. 

I told Scott what the nurse said, and he said "oh, good, she can come home now!" LOL.  I said "hon, she still isn't eating on her own" and he said "oh, I can work the feeding tube!" then I reminded him that she isn't holding her own body temp yet, and he said "that's OK, I looked on eBay and you can buy incubators.  They're like $600.  They sell them for puppies."  @@ LOL.  He's a hoot.  :-D

We're going up this morning after we drop Brendan off.  I also have an appointment with my doc, my postpartum apt. 


deebeejoyful said...

Scott is too funny!  :)  That is such wonderful news!  I know you are relieved.  We'll keep praying that little girl home in no time!  ((((((((((Hugs to you all)))))))))))))

kmb10387 said...

Yeah Meghan.  Good luck with your doc appt.  Hope you are recovering well.  Keep getting your rest for when Meghan comes home.