Sunday, May 7, 2006

Photos FINALLY!!!

Scott says that it was not his laptop causing the problem, that it was an AOL glitch.  They loaded fine from my computer though.  hmmmmm.  ;-)  hee hee hee.

FINALLY got photos loaded!!  OK, I will go thru them 1-7 so you know what they are.  They aren't in chronological order.

1. I was holding her and the hand you see holding her hand is my mom's.  5-2-06

2. The night she was born, the hands in the photo are my mom's.  See how tiny she is?

3.  The first time my mom held her, 5-2-06. 

4.  The first time I held her little hand, the morning after she was born.  She was maybe 15 hours old at the time.  Had already been downgraded from the respirator to the c-pap.

5. Looking at Grandma, with her little eyes wide open. 

6.  Mommy and Meghan meeting for the first time.  I'm crying of course.  Again, this was when she was 15 hours old.

7. The first time I got to hold her, 5-2-06. 

Isn't she precious?  We got to see her for just a few minutes this afternoon.  My folks saw her for about 15 minutes also, no one got to hold her.  She's still having a few small apnea episodes, all self corrected, but the doc said he's leaving the nasal cannula in for a little while yet until she's doing better with that.  However, she is doing great on feedings, now up to 19 cc's each time.  WOW.  And she is keeping it all down and digesting it, she only spit up that one time.  Tomorrow they are going to be adding a powdered supplement to my milk, apparently breast milk is lacking in a few vitamins and minerals that preemies need, but if she tolerates that they might be able to remove the IV's by tomorrow evening!  They have been lowering the IV fluids today and will be checking her blood glucose and iron levels this evening. 

We are going back up tonight, they asked us if we would be able to come up and kangaroo (skin to skin) with her.  They said it is only effective if you can do it for an hour or more at a time, so my brother is going to watch Brendan (who will be asleep by then) while we go up there.  That will be nice, spending a lot of time with her without worrying about how eachother is doing with the very active 2 year old in the waiting area.  :-) 


born2bfree04 said...

Praise the Lord, she's just beautiful. Wow can you believe she is already here!? What does little Brendan think of all this? Jennifer, you and Scott are so blessed. Congrats again. I can't wait to see more pictures. She'll grow so fast over the next few weeks. (((Hugs and tummy rubs.. oh wait... no more rubs, she's here!)))

celticdreameretn said...

Jennifer she is beautiful. Such big eyes for such a little girl. ((Hugs)))