Saturday, May 6, 2006

saturday morning update

arrgggg, this computer will not let me update the photos.  I'll try again tonight, maybe there isn't enough bandwidth or something.  I don't know anything about computers though, who knows.  Maybe Scott can help me.

Anyway, she is doing great.  Talked to her doc this morning, and he said that they upped her feeding again to 15 cc's and started lowering her IV fluids.  She's on 65% breast milk and the rest IV fluids, hoping to lower it even more.  He said maybe in a couple days she won't even need the IV.  They decided for now not to attempt a central line again, she has an IV still (in her head now, poor kid has a TERRIBLE haircut b/c they keep shaving little parts of her head for IVs) and even though they keep blowing every 12 hours or so, they have been able to put new ones in.  She is still on the nasal cannula (not sure on spelling, but at least I remembered the name finally!) and again they are hoping to remove that soon.  She had one or two very small apnea/heartrate episodes yesterday, nothing to be concerned about, but enough for them to put off removing it for a couple days.  Maybe tomorrow or Monday though.  If they remove that and the IV, the only tube she'll be connected to is the gavage feeding tube!!  Plus the monitors of course. 

The best news though was that they did the head scan yesterday, to check for bleeding on the brain (standard procedure I guess) and it was CLEAR!!  The doc said he was thrilled with that!  YAYYYYY!!!  She's acting more like a 32 weeker or so, especially the amount of food she's eating.  She's digesting it all too!!  Oh, and she's gaining weight, she's only 1 ounce  less than she was at birth!!!!!!!  She is doing fantastic.  She will be one week old tomorrow evening.  I got to hold her today for a little while, but had to go pump after about 30 minutes and had to trade off with Scott.  She was sleeping and eating when he got in so he couldn't hold her, but I'm sending him in first tonight so he can hold her.  She sleeps just like her brother too, today she was laying on her back with one arm flung over her head and her legs all sprawled out, it was sooooo cute! 

Heading back up to the hospital in a little while, and will update more later if there's a change and if I can hopefully get pics to load.

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