Sunday, May 7, 2006

Sat night/Sunday morning

We went to visit again last night.  While I was in there she urped up her 7:30 feeding, which was the first time she had done that ever.  The nurse said Meghan hadn't pooped in 6 hours and that could have caused it, not quite enough room in there for everything.  I held her while the nurse changed her bedding, and I helped wipe her off.  Then while I was holding her she pooed, so that was good.  I held her for a little while and her saturation (oxygen) level dropped down to 87 a few times, which worried me.  The nurse said that the doc had said 85-100 was normal for Meghan, so she wasn't worried but every time we've been there she's always been in the upper 90's.  She was looking right at me though, for a couple minutes, it was sooooo neat!  I just held her and rocked her and talked to her.  Then I left to go pump and Scott came in to hold her for a bit.  She was still having saturation drops, and the nurse said tha it looked like Meghan was just getting over tired and needed to go back in her incubator.  They put her in and Scott stayed in there for a few more minutes, and sure enough her sat level went up to the upper 90s again.  She was just probably overstimulated for the day, she had a big day.  We had visited twice and held her, they moved her to a new bed (an incubator instead of just the open bed) and they had to redo her IV.  My parents are coming up today, and I think I might ask them not to hold her if that's what the nurse reccomends.  I know they will understand.  Scott's parents were thinking about coming up too, but we're going to bring them up another day this week, maybe tomorrow, so that Meghan gets some rest, plus it's really busy downtown this weekend due to a festival and we're planning to go home this afternoon.  Staying in the loft is nice, and it is much closer, but we also want to be home.  We're planning to come up at least once a day, and once I can drive I can come up at night or whatever, or we might be able to get my mom or brother or something to watch Brendan while we go up in the evenings.  Also on the days that Brendan is with Scott's parents, we can spend the day up here.  Or if Scott has to work I can stay up here.  I am so glad he works from home and can make his schedule flexible!  Unfortunately he is going to have to go out of town next week for 2 days, as long as the doc gives me the thumbs up for driving and stuff again. 

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