Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday update

FINALLY remembered the camera, and she made it so worth it!!!!  She was adorable today, wide awake and looking all around.  She was wearing a little tiny sleeper too and it fits, not too huge.  SOOOO cute.

She's been having some heartrate dips and sat drops.  The nurse assured me it was normal for her age and that they weren't that bad, just lasting a few seconds.  The nurse said it might be because the caffeine is all out of her system now.  They're keeping a close eye on her and will see how she does, they may end up having to put her back on the caffeine.  She's Grandma's girl after all LOL.

I tried nursing and she really wanted to, she was crying for food and was rooting around and latching on, but everytime she started to nurse her sats dropped to the low 80s so I quit.  We gave her a bottle and she did better with that, her sats stayed in the upper 80s and higher, and she took 6-8 cc's.  Then we put the rest in the feeding tube b/c she was getting hungry and taking forever to eat.

The nuse just gushed about how cute she is.  She said she tried to bottle feed her earlier but Meghan only took a few cc's, so the nurse said "So I just held her for a few and told her how cute she was"  LOL.  She also had another bath and smells pretty :-)  Such a sweetheart!  Oh, and she gained another ounce.


kmb10387 said...

Oh Jennifer.  She's so beautiful.  I can't wait for you to be able to bring her home.  Can't wait to see pictures of her in her pretty bed!

deebeejoyful said...

Oh Jennifer.  She so beautiful!   That's great that she's gaining.  She'll be home before you know it!  love,

swaters057 said...

She is really getting big Jen! And she's so alert too. Keeping you all in my prayers that she gets to go home soon. Sue