Saturday, May 20, 2006

Super Preemie at it again!

I called this morning and they said that she was doing fine, and was up to 3 lbs 7 oz.  I got up there and looked at her and noticed she was wearing a shirt and the temp on her bed had changed--they are testing her to see if she can hold her own temp!!!  AND, when I went up there tonight, they were turning the temp on the bed wayyyyy down again b/c she was getting too warm and it was causing her heartrate to go too high, I think the temp is now set to the right temp to confirm that she can hold her own temp!!!  She looks so cute in her little t-shirt, it is a newborn size and it is GIGANTIC on her!  They had to roll the sleeves up sooooo much!  And she's getting a double chin, its adorable!  She has her brother's chubby cheeks too.  :-)

I tried to nurse her this afternoon, but she was too sleepy like she was yesterday.  Oh, did I mention that her Godmother, Debra got to hold her yesterday for the first time?  Can't remember if I did or not.  Anyway, so she was too sleepy at lunch time.  I came back up tonight with Mom and tried again, and Meghan actually NURSED FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!  Yayyyyyyyy!!!!  She latched on for a good 10 minutes.  I told the nurse, but she said she would still go ahead with her feeding.  @@.  I don't think she believed me that Meghan actually nursed.  I could tell she got some b/c I was half empty. 

She has passed ALL the major hurdles except the feeding.  If she can just stay awake for feedings and get rid of the feeding tube, I think she can come home.  I can't wait to talk to her doc.  I love her docs, they are great.  The nurses are very cautious and are hesitant to believe how well she's doing sometimes, but her doc's philosophy is "let her try, if she can't do it then we'll know" like with nursing.  I was going to pump for half the time so she didnt' get too much, but her doc said go ahead and try.  She only coughed once, and I think it was because it was right at first and she might have gotten a little too much.  I sat her up for a second and rubbed her back and she was fine.  She never dribbled any, and her sats never dropped so she has the suck-swallow-breathe thing going.  She is doing FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My son had a runny nose yesterday (he was at my inlaws all day) then woke up several times crying last night, which is usually the indication that he;s sick.  So, off to the after hours doc today to make sure it wasn't contagious, which she said it might be.  Good news is that she said he would probably only be contagious the first couple days, which is yesterday and today, and he wasn't around me yesterday.  Bad news is that I had to stay away from him all day today so that I didn't get his germs and transfer them to Meghan.  So, I hung out with my mom all day while Scott had Brendan.  I felt bad that I had to stay away, plus that meant we got NOTHING done in Meghan's room.  ::::::::sigh::::::::


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