Friday, May 19, 2006

update on feedings

She did great on her first 2 feedings last night, took 10 cc's (1/3 of the feeding) from the bottle before she got too tired to finish and they put the rest thru the tube.  Not so good today, she's a lot sleepier.  The doc gave me the green light to nurse, she said some babies do much better with that than the bottle, and she said I didn't even need to pump before hand so we tried.  Meghan nursed for about a minute, but then fell asleep.  The doc did get to see her during that minute though and was very encouraged.  She thinks she'll be a great nurser.  I couldn't figure out why Meghan was so tired, but then I realized, she didn't get her morning "coffee" LOL.  They took her off the caffeine!  She's definately Grandma Theresa's girl, my mom is a coffeeahaulic LOL.  So, no idea if they're going to reconsider putting her back on or what, I'll call before bed and check on her.  I'm thrilled that they gave us the go-ahead for nursing though!  yayyyy Meghan!  Oh, and she is 3 lbs 5.6 oz as of last night, gaining a little over an ounce almost every day!  I finally found out that an ounce is 30 grams. 

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