Friday, May 5, 2006

Photo (finally) and last night's update

This is a photo of my mom's hand next to my baby girl.  Mom printed one in 8x10 size and it is life sized.  She's soooooo tiny but adorable.   She really loves her binky too, which they said is a great sign this early.  Apparently most babies don't start sucking on them well until around 32 weeks or so.  *side note, apparently with preemies a lot of the time they refer to their gestational age, even though they're already here.  So, today, she is 30 weeks, even though she is only 5 days old.*  She's not swallowing when sucking I don't think, but she is breathing.  They have to master the suck-swallow-breathe method for eating.

Last night I called to see how the placement of the central line went, and it didn't work.  They tried 3 or 4 times, but she has her mommy's veins and they couldnt get it to take.  They were going to try again this morning.  She was fine thru the whole procedure, she was sedated slightly and they said she slept thru the whole thing thank goodness.  The concern is that if they can't get a central line in and then she loses the IV, they have to get a line in her somewhere or she may not be able to keep her glucose levels where they need to be, since right now she is getting nutrition thru the lines.

I'm going to call in a few minutes and see if they were able to get it, and see how her weigh-in went last night.  I'll update later, and mom got some great photos yesterday so I'm hoping to post those as soon as she emails them to me. 


deebeejoyful said...

She is so beautiful, Jennifer!  We are so happy for you and are praying for good health and good reports for your precious blessing! And a pervasive peace and grace over you and your household!

njw528 said...

She's gorgeous!!! Congratulations to all of you. Meghan definitely has that fighting spirit :-)

Hugs to all of you,

stolynn said...

Jennifer..she's BEAUTIFUL!!!  Can't wait to see more pics!

kteaches said...

She is beautiful and with those long fingers... I see stamping in her future!  :-D


Kelly in Ohio

celticdreameretn said...

She is Beautiful. I cringe everytime I read about them trying to get an IV line in her. Poor thing. I hope that they are successful. You haven't mentioned what her lung developement was Did they ever tell you how well the steroids had worked before she was born? Just wondering. She is a beautiful little girl!


kmb10387 said...

Oh Jennifer.  She's so cute.  Look at those long fingers.  Maybe a future piano player?  Congratulations.