Friday, May 12, 2006

First Bath!

Today when we went up there her day nurse, Kim, agreed with us that our baby was a stinky baby.  She's almost 2 weeks old and had never had a bath b/c they don't want her to get too cold.  She was starting to smell like a foot LOL.  She said she could give her a bath, but that it was almost time for them to close for shift change and she didn't want us to miss her first bath, so she suggested that we come back later and have the night nurse do it.  So we did, and the night nurse said she could do it after her weigh in, but it would be after shift change.  I asked really nicely if she could please do it while we were there so we didn't miss it and so we could take photos, and daddy could kangaroo with her afterward to warm her back up.  She agreed, so we got to do that.  IT was the first time we've ever seen her without anything attatched, no leads, no wires, they even took the feeding tube out b/c it was starting to get gunky and she said she would switch sides for her.  She gave her a sponge bath, but a really good one, even washed her lips and ears and stuff so she was all clean and smelled good.  It was soooo cute!  Meghan didn't seem to mind too much, she only wimpered a few times.  She was wide awake thru the whole thing too, it was sweet.  Afterward she snuggled with daddy.  He kept trying to move her head up but she kept snuggling in and putting it back down again.  We finally just left her like that b/c her saturation levels were staying in the 98-100 range, which is perfect.  She also kept trying to root around and nurse on him, it was funny.  It's also a really good sign that she might be ready to nipple feed soon!  We will have to wait and see.

These are pics of her first bath :-)  Isn't she cute!?!?!  I love these pics b/c you actually get to see her, and not a bunch of wires and tubes.  Such a precious miracle!  Oh, they also weighed her and she gained 22 grams!!  yayyyy!!  She's up to one whole ounce (29 cc's approx) for feedings!  :-)


jbanana311 said...

Jen, what a precious little miracle she is!! It's amazing how perfect and complete she is, considering how early she was born.  Keep up the journal and pictures, they are wonderful!

birdee18 said...

Jen, Meghan is so dang precious!  So glad she is doing well.  Prayers and hugs are continuing to go up for your little miracle.  Bridget

celticdreameretn said...

Jenn she is just BEAUTIFUL!  I loved seeing her with out all her wires and such.