Tuesday, May 16, 2006

great session today!

Today I planned to be up at the NICU for her 10:30 am feeding and stay until after her 1:30 feeding so I could do 2 non-nutritive nuzzling sessions.  Well, I forgot that NICU was closed until 11 today, so I missed the first feeding.  She was asleep when I got in there, so the nurse said rather than wake her up, she would prefer to just wait and do it at 1.  I don't have a problem with that, Meghan needs her rest so she can grow quickly.  So, I watched her sleep for a while then went to get lunch (LOVE delaware subs, right next to the hospital.  MMmmmmm) and pump, then went back in.  she was awake when I got there, She always wakes up around feeding times.  So, the nurse helped me get her out and I started the nuzzling.  She did AWESOME!  Yesterday she only nuzzled for about 10 minutes each time, this time she did for 35 or 40 minutes!  Everytime I thought she was getting tired and pulled her away she would start rooting again.  She actually latched on 8 or 9 times too, for a few seconds each time.  The doctor came by while we were doing this, and was tickled pink!  she said we will start actually trying to nurse next week, and will probably also take her off the caffeine too.  Then it is a matter of when she gets the hang of feeding and can keep her body temp up (which they haven't tested yet, but she seems to be doing fine b/c when I hold her just wrapped in a blanket her temp goes up not down.) and no more apnea spells.  ::::::::::fingers crossed::::::::::::::  That she starts doing those things quickly.  I dont want to rush her, she needs to go at her own pace, but I want her to come home so badly!  I try not to think about it too much b/c then I get weepy, but I hate the fact that I don't get to take care of her.  I'm actually looking forward to geting up to nurse her in the middle of the night, rather than pumping.  And I KNOW Scott is looking forward to having her there so he can change her diaper rather than wash the pump LOL.  That's our arrangement, with Brendan I nursed then Scott changed him.  Since she's not home, he cleans the pump in the middle of the night LOL.  He's such a great guy!  He doesn't even complain about it anymore.  ;-)  I'm so lucky!  He also watched Brendan most of the day so I could spend time at NICU. 

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