Monday, May 15, 2006

more non-nutritive feeding/apnea spell

I went up to the hospital tonight by myself to do more non-nutritive feeding with Meghan.  She did even better than she did earlier, she sucked about once every 10-15 seconds and she actually latched on fully once or twice.  She only did that for about 10 minutes or less, then she got tired and fell asleep, but she still did fine.

She did scare me quite a bit though.  I was looking at her and she was all pink and pretty, sleeping, and then I looked up at the clock and was looking around at the other babies for a few seconds.  Her monitor started dinging and I looked up at it and saw her sats were in the 80's, then looked at her and she was a little bit blue.  The nurse came over and had to sit her up and rub her tummy and back to remind her to breathe.  Not sure if it was the position she was in (her chin was down maybe a bit too much) or if it was just she was too tired or what, and the nurse assured me that this was normal and that it is why she's on the caffeine, but it still freaked me out.  She snapped out of it really quick once the nurse started rubbing her back, but I really hope she doesnt' do that to me again. 

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bsktcats said...

I am so happy for you all!! I check in on you and your family updates several times a day!  Much cyber love to you and your family!  Linda in Arizona