Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Great news!!!!!

Went up to NICU with mom and her co-worker Deborah tonight.  Deborah went in with me, and when I was looking at Meghan I noticed something--her nasal cannula was gone!!!  The nurse said they took it out at noon, and she's been BREATHING ON HER OWN since then!!!!!!!!!!!!  YAYYYY!!!!!!!!!  No saturation drops, no heartrate drops, she's doing FABULOUS!  I could have done a cartwheel I was so happy!

AND, even more great news, they disconneced the IV fluids again!!!  Her last couple glucose tests have been great!  She has another one tonight, then again in the morning, so hopefully they stay up and tomorrow they will remove the IV completely.  They took the line off but left the IV in just in case so they wouldn't have to poke her again.

AND, even MORE good news, all day she's been digesting her whole feedings!!!  She's getting 26 cc's each time and every time they check (just before the next feeding) there's only 1 cc or less left in her tummy! 

AND, I got to hold her :-)  I didn't Kangaroo with her, they just swaddled her since we weren't going to be there for over an hour.  I like holding her that way too though, because I can see her little face.  She looked at me, and I swear she smiled.  I know she can't really smile, she doesn't have control of that yet, but even Deborah saw her make the face, even if it was an accident.  SOOOOOOO cute!  She's going to look just like her brother, I know it.  Now that I can see her whole face, no tube, she has my nose and her daddy's mouth and chin, and chubby cheeks just like her brother.  No idea what color her eyes will be, right now they are still blue.  Brendan's eyes are a sapphire blue, I hope she has those pretty eyes too.  She's georgeous.  Absolutely beautiful.  ::::::::;sniff, sniff::::::::::  I'm one happy mommy!

The only bad news I had today was my favorite contestant on American Idol, Chris, got voted off.  :-(  LOL.

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