Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's day update

Today is Mother's day, and Meghan made me a card!  The nurses took her footprints and made a little card that said "I love you mommy" :-)  It was so sweet!

She has been gaining weight, 22 grams the night before last and 10 grams last night.  She's eating 29 cc's of food still each feeding.  I got to talk to her doc today and he said she's doing great!  I told him that she's been rooting around when she eats, if we're holding her, and she sucks her hand when she's hungry. She's also always wide awake when it gets close to feeding time.  He said that was a good sign and that she can start trying to do "non nurtrient feeding" where they will have me pump just before feeding and then attempt to have her latch on.  She won't really be eating anything, but it will help get her used to it so that soon she can start trying to nurse.  She has to be able to suck-swallow-and breathe at the same time, which they said usually starts clicking in around 34 weeks.  So, tomorrow we will start trying that!!  Yayyyy!!  I hope she catches on quickly.  I miss her and want her to come home! 


celticdreameretn said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day gift! I'll keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow to go smoothly.

nielegirl said...

Awwww!  That is very sweet!

Happy Mother's Day Jen!