Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Tuesday update

OK, let me try to remember what all is going on:

First, she lost 15 grams last night.  They said they aren't worried at all though b/c she gained like 70 grams the night before, which they consider huge, so a little drop is normal.  She gets weighed again later tonight I will call and find out before we go to bed.

They removed all the IV fluids earlier but left in the IV just in case so they wouldn't have to poke her again.  Then her next glucose level came back low, so they had to start her back on some IV fluids, but only one this time and it is pretty much just sugar water from what the nurse said.  They might try to remove it tomorrow if she's doing well on her feedings.  Right now though, at least as of earlier this evening, she didnt' seem to be tolerating her feedings as well.  She's up to 26 cc's but the last couple feedings when they checked the contents of her tummy before feeding her, she still had like 9 cc's left which is a lot more than she usually had.  Plus she spit up once earlier.  The nurse said if it was the same for the next feeding or if she spit up again that she would try a pump for the feeding that feeds her more slowly, over 30 minutes rather than 5-10.  If that didn't work she said they may have to decrease the feedings :-(  If that happens, she may still be on the IV for a few days.

I got to hold her for a long time today, "kangaroo" style.  She snuggled right up to me and slept the whole time (I dozed too LOL).  Scott was watching her monitors while I held her and said that all her levels were perfect the whole time I held her, even better than they had been in the incubator.  I think she likes her mommy! 

We may take a day off tomorrow, and not go up to NICU during the day.  I am going up at night with my mom, at 7:30 pm, but since we have Brendan and Scott is wayyyy behind on work, we might not go during the day.  My only worry is I'm not sure she will  have enough milk, I need to call and find out.  I'm still only getting 30-35 cc's each time, and if she's eating 25 then she may go thru the milk I have up there before we get back.  If she does, they will use donor milk which I know is safe, but I prefer her to use mine.  I'm trying to drink more fluids and rest more (I got a nap in this evening while Scott picked Brendan up) but so far it is not working.  I'm also going to pump every 2 hours while I'm home, maybe that will help.  One nurse said that there is a med that the doc can give me to up the production, another nurse said she didn't think it was necessary but I would rather produce too much than not enough.  I can freeze the excess if need be.  I go to the doc on Thursday so I will ask him then.

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