Monday, May 22, 2006

photos of her room

Since I haven't posted any photos of the baby lately and I keep forgetting my camera, I figured I should post SOMETHING.  Tonight to keep my mind off things we worked in Meghan's room.  Scott put the crib back together mostly, a couple parts are in Brendan's room and he's sleeping so we'll have to wait to finish it, but we were able to put all the cute bedding on.  I wanted something pink and purple, and I had preferred flowers, but Mom and Scott found this and it is SOOOOOOO adorable.  I love butterflies too.  They got this set while I was in the hospital, on the day she was born in fact.  I was freaking out b/c we weren't at all ready for her to come, even though we knew she'd be in NICU for a while.  So mom and scott went shopping for me :-)

I also finished the wall mural.  My art teacher did the fence for me, and then I stamped the flowers and butterflies.  We can't get real even coverage b/c we have these stupid textured walls, but oh well.  It still turned out cute.

Pic 1:  A close up of her bedding and one of the butterflies to hang on the wall

2. her bed, minus the side we still need to put on.

3. her mobile

4. her quilt, which I will probably turn into a wall hanging b/c it is really heavy and warm

5. close up of the fence and flowers.

6. view of the whole wall.

I'm really happy with how it turned out!

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