Thursday, May 18, 2006

pleasant surprises!

I went up tonight for her 7:30 feeding.  She did well, only nuzzled for about 10 minutes or so, but was latched on for about 7 of those minutes!  then she fell asleep and I got to just snuggle with her for about an hour.  I ended up leaving earlier than I had planned b/c I felt a migrane coming on and decided to come home and get some sleep.

Great news though, they are starting the nipple protocol TONIGHT!!  They had said next week!  woooohoooo!!  She's getting her first ever bottle at 11.  I would have loved to be there for it, but they are closed.  We're going to call afterward though and see how she did.  They aren't going to let me nurse fully yet, but they may let me pump for half the normal amount of time right before and then try nursing.  They just don't want her to get too much milk at once and choke. 

They're also taking her off caffeine now!  Another thing that was going to happen next week.  She had her last dose at 1 pm today.  And they are having to lower the temp on her bed b/c she's getting too warm, if that happens too much they will try to lower it to room temp and just dress her (right now she just wears a diaper) and see how she does at keeping her body temp up.  If she does well at the bottle feedings and no apnea/heartrate drops (she hasn't had one in 3 days) and can keep herself warm, she can come home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So maybe only another week or so, but it all depends on the feeding.  The nurse said that's usually the last thing to happen.  Some babies take a while to get it, others do great right away.  ::::::::::fingers crossed:::::::::  that Meghan is in that second group.

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